The best consequence of Coronavirus pandemic

No, this text is not about increased country cooperation, lowered pollution levels, and even not about the legislative ban to eat cats and dogs.

The best consequence of Coronavirus is that a huge number of people have met remote working. Before the lockdown, people usually thought about remote haughtily: “it’s not for us”, “truly inefficient”, “will crush our organization”, even if they had never tried it. But the lockdown forced critics to reduce their level of arrogance and just work remotely for some time. It will not matter much if they change their mind or not for now. What matters is that remote working is not ‘unknown’ anymore to a wide range of people. As I stated in my previous article, remote working is the key to the future, and I believe this crisis makes us one step closer.

The worst consequence of Coronavirus pandemic

Do NOT return to the office

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