Update: I wrote the long answer “Why Java Is Perfectly Alive”, please have a look.
I'm sorry Komal, but you applied the word "silly" in the wrong context to the wrong object. Your text is yet another whinetrain from yet another fan of scripting languages that accompanied Java along all of its lifetime. In any moment since the release of Java, many languages existed that were simpler overall and had very relaxed rules of how to write code. But in software development, there are many areas with another basic need besides simplicity: long time guarantees. Guarantees of compatibility, security, maintainability, and performance.

When it comes to giving guarantees and, what is most important - fulfilling these guarantees for decades - Java is one of the best choices around and that's why it became so popular. There is no "scripting" or even modern "easy" language on the market which gives and fulfills the same level of guarantees as Java does for that long. And even if we look at the JVM language landscape, Java still gives a higher overall level of guarantees than all of them.

Now about what you call microservices. There are many microservice frameworks for Java that make your life easier in the ways you like. If you prefer radical simplicity and do everything by yourself just pick https://sparkjava.com or https://javalin.io. If you like everything packed into the framework and charged with minimal memory footprint and fast start times choose https://quarkus.io or https://micronaut.io. If you prefer a huge ecosystem just select, yes, https://spring.io. And if you like to stick with what the current Java "owner", Oracle, do - go for https://helidon.io. In Java world in almost every high-level aspect, you have a choice, which is another huge benefit which the Java ecosystem offers.

15 years of coding journey

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